• Change in AMI’s Leadership: Dr. Nguyen-Vu Truong appointed Director-General.
  • Facility upgrade project concluded.
  • Strategic Collaboration with Vietnam National University – University of Information Technology
  • ICCAIS 2016 organised by Hanyang University, Korea


  • Change in AMI’s Leadership: Prof. Xuan-Man Nguyen resigned and took position at Hanoi University of Mining
  • “Modern Automated Process for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing”, State Government Funded project completed and spin-off
  • ICCAIS 2015 jointly organised by Changsa Institute of Technology and Hangzhou University, China


  • ICCAIS 2014 organised by Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
  • Strategic collaboration with Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) and Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM).


  • The Second International Conference on Control, Automation and Information Sciences (ICCAIS 2013) co-hosted by AMI and VNU-UIT


  • The First International Conference on Control, Automation and Information Sciences (ICCAIS 2012) initiated and hosted by AMI. Starting of an IEEE Technical co-sponsored Conference ICCAIS series


  • HCMC Institute of Information Technology merged into Institute of Applied Mechanics to form AMI by decision of Vietnam Government.
  • AMI’s Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine Technology Transferred to Bason Shipyard – Marine Division, Ministry of Defence
  • AMI’s Gantry Automated Wielding Machine and Plasma Cutting Machine Technology Transferred to Lugia Electrics
  • AMI’s Waterjet CNC Cutting Machine released (first of its kind in Vietnam) under Vietnam National Key Programmes on Hi-tech Machining KC05.
  • “Six Axes CNC laser tube cutting machine” Technology Transferred to Vietxo Petroleum
  • “National Key Laboratory for ICT – Southern Branch” project completed
  • Partnership with Siemens, Fanuc and National Instrument


  • Change in IAM’s leadership: Prof. Cao-Menh Nguyen resigned, and returned IMech
  • Prof. Xuan-Man Nguyen appointed IAM’s Director
  • Facility upgrade project completed
  • “Train weight scale platform”, first of its kind, successfully transferred to Vietnam Railway Corp.


  • EPP, then upgraded to DSP set of programmes to compute fluid penetration field of oil rig with application to Bach-Ho and Dragon oil rigs
  • Experiment and Laboratory Building (3000 sq.meter) construction completed


  • Change in IAM’s Leadership: Dr.Sc. Ta-Long Bui resigned and later took position at Vietnam National University
  • Prof. Cao-Menh Nguyen, IMech’s Director, appointed IAM’s Director


  • Change in IAM’s Leadership: Prof. Xuan-Hung Nguyen resigned and continued his reputable career at IAM
  • Dr.Sc. Ta-Long Bui appointed IAM’s Director
  • “Equipment and Software for technical diagnostics and modelling of structural crack  and defect identification based  remote measurement of vibration” won VIFOTEC 1998
  • “Continuous Conveyor Weight Scale”, first of its kind in Vietnam successfully transferred to a number of industry partners.


  • “Scientific fundamental and foundation for the development of set of standards for marine construction platform”, State Government funded project of which outcome was used to develop Vietnam Standards for Sea Construction Platform. VIFOTEC 1995


  • HCMC Institute of Mechanics renamed to Institute of Applied Mechanics (IAM)- a National Research Institute founded by Decision of Vietnamese Government.


  • “VICOSAP: Constructional Structure Automated Calculation and Computation” State Government funded project’s results  released. This set of programmes has been widely applied in various areas related to structural calculation of construction projects, marine construction platform in southern Vietnam.


  • “Justification and Clarification of typical environmental pollution and pollution treatment problem” State Government funded project completed, founding rigid base for further applications,ie. model SAL 1993 used to detail model entire Mekong delta  river’s characteristics; WQ1994 used to compute river flow, BOD,  COD of complex river’s ; etc.


  • “Interaction of Sea onto Construction Platform”, State Government funded project completed, providing rigid theoretical and practical base for calculation, computation, validation, accreditation of Bach-Ho Oil rig.


  • HCMC Institute of Mechanics founded by decision of Vietnam Academy of Science based on the Southern Branch of Institute of Mechanics.


  • Southern Branch of Institute of Mechanics founded in Ho Chi Minh City with Prof. Nguyen Xuan Hung as founding Director.
  • Dielac Dairy Factory refurbishment and construction project for the later then VINAMILK Corp.


  • Institute of Mechanics founded by decision of Vietnamese Government with Prof. Nguyen Van Dao as founding Director.

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