Corporate Profile


To establish AMI to be a leading national centre of excellence in science and technologies connected to the development and modernisation of Southern Vietnam; and a vital node for modern technology transfer to Vietnam.


To be a vital node of science and technology R&D and technology transfer

Core Competencies

AMI’s Core competencies span across various areas and fields including basic theoretical to applied research, prototyping to mass production. This enables AMI stay in the forefront of research and to collaborate closely with the industry.


AMI  was established in 1984 by the Vietnamese Government. AMI, a leading national research institute, is a member of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

Research Talents and Skilled Manpower

Nurturing talents is one of the most important missions of AMI. AMI, authorised by VAST Graduate University of Science and Technology provides numerous postgraduate studies programmes. AMI also recruits many post-doctoral graduates in various fields for our research workforce. Students and post-doctoral graduates are welcome to write in for positions in AMI.

Upstream Research Activities with Academia

AMI establishes research partnerships and tie-ups with renowned universities and institutes both locally and internationally. Experts and professors are also invited to AMI to deliver workshops and seminars, and to exchange new ideas with researchers here. AMI also put in place visiting/adjunct positions for academia and industry experts to work with us on relevant research topics.

State-of-the-art Equipment and Facilities in AMI

AMI is continuously upgrading its research equipment and capabilities, which include well-equipped laboratories, workshops and manufacturing facilities. These cover the entire spectrum from customised R&D equipment for specific applications, to mass-production capable tools to support industrial process development and technology transfer.

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