Mechanical Mechanics

Experiment facility housed within the Machine Mechanics Laboratory at AMI have been used extensively for research and technology development in the area of electrical machines, kinematics and dynamics control, industrial automation & robotics and industrial machine design, typically:

FANUC M-3 iA 6A Delta Robot       IRB 4400 - Industrial Robots from ABB Robotics

Fanuc M3 Delta Robot                                              ABB IRB4400 Industrial robot manipulator

3 DOF Helicopter - Quanser                              Rotary Inverted Pendulum - Quanser

Quanser 3DOF Helicopter                                        Quanser Rotary Inverted Pendulum

Products - Servo Systems - AC Servo Motors and Drives - ASDA-B2 ...   Magnetic Bearing Control: Engineering Lab Experiment

Delta AC servo motor & drives                           MBC500 Active Magnetic Bearing System

NAO the humanoid and programmable robot | SoftBank RoboticsDST Robot Tetra DS-IV - Platforme Robotique Mobile

NAO humanoid robot & software                           Tetra Mobile Robot Platform

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