Material and Environmental Technologies

Material and Environmental Technologies Laboratory at AMI houses experimental and testing facility focused in (1) Precision machine material and (2) Air/River/Ocean technology relevant mechanics-physical research, typically:

Teledyne RDI Workhorse Sentinel ADCP - Seatronics Teledyne RiverPro - RiverPro ADCP by Teledyne RD Instruments

Teledyne Seatronics ADCP                                                              Teledyne RiverPro ADCP

OceanAlpha USV SL40 USV |                          Kongsberg starts Seaglider production

OceanAlpha SL40 USV                                                                                      Kongsberg Sea Glider

VNREDSat-1 - Earth Observation - Airbus                   Air Pollution Quality Monitoring Equipment/Device/Instruments ...

VNRedSAT-1 Earth Observation Sat                                                Zetian Air pollution quality monitor


WDet-7000 Integration Water Quality Online Analyzer     HIPS and SIPS Professional and second hand hydrography and ...

Zetian WDet7000 Integration Water Quality Analyser                                  Caris Software suite



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