AMI is a national research institute founded by the Vietnamese government in 1984, houses modern research facilities as well as more than 260 research scientists, associates, engineers and technicians in human power. We have a long standing reputation in various applied mechanics and informatics research with substantial involvement and contribution to the strategic industrialization and modernization progress of southern Vietnam:

  • Fundamental research for technological development in relevant areas, namely, oceanic mechanics, petroleum, machine design and production, construction and material mechanics, automation and robotics.
  • Applicational research and Technology transfer in the general areas of mechanics and informatics for environmental study and management.
  • Investigation, justification and validation of mechanics-physical criterion of materials relevant to soil, rock and other materials as well as geo-mechanics conditions for the design and implementation of construction projects.
  • Applicational research and technology transfer in the relevant areas of equipment design and fabrication in pharmaceutical and health care industry, food and beverage, consumable products, building and construction, environmental technology and other industries.
  • Fundamental study on information technology and computational science
  • Applicational research and technology transfer in the areas of applied informatics in management and economics, social studies, science and technology development.
  • Prototyping to mass production in the areas of applied mechanics and informatics
  • Providing science and technology related services in the areas of mechanics and informatics (i.e. measurement, calibration, accreditation, consultancy, scientific communication and events, etc.)
  • Participation into relevant local committees to the assessment of technology projects in the area of mechanics and informatics
  • Postgraduate study center
  • International collaboration in relevant areas and fields.


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