Modes of Collaboration

Technology Transfer and Consultancy Division

The Technology Transfer and Consultancy Division (TTCD) at AMI represents a significant approach and effort of AMI to forge and facilitate closer and stronger bonds with the industry. The Division hosts two departments, namely, Centre of Technology; and Department of Technology R&D.  Depending on the scale of development required by our partners, less than full-fledged collaborations are available to cater to requests for one-off development work.

For Technology Transfer and Consultancy matter, contact us at Email: 

For Licensing, write to us at Email:  

Research Collaboration

As a leading National Research Institutes in Vietnam, AMI collaborates with (1) companies of all sizes on industry-directed R&D and in the use of new technology as well as (2) a number of key national universities in Vietnam.

Companies can be benefited by leveraging on the technical expertise of AMI through pre-competitive research, developmental projects and prototyping of products in various areas. AMI helps companies maintain a competitive edge in the modern economy, as well as advance their technological expertise.

Local universities can be benefited by a number of ways. One is to collaborate with us in a number of national research projects funded by the Vietnamese Government. The other is specialised training to staff and students as well as AMI’s support and contribution to teaching, R&D facilities, etc. Write us at Email: 


AMI supports Start-Ups to achieve technological competence and enhance their technological edge within the R&D Enterprises scheme of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. Financial support and Facility usage are available to eligible companies. For enquiries, please contact us at Email: 

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