Constructional Mechanics

AMI ‘s construction mechanics lab is certified by Vietnam Ministry of Construction under LASXD laboratory system, including both fundamental and advanced facility / equipment used for the investigation and testing of construction material, foundation and building’s mechanics and physics characteristics, typically: - Specializing in Pile Integrity Test Equipment   pile-driving-analyzer-pile-dynamics-1 | Pile Dynamics

Pile Integrity Testing Systems                                                                   Pile Driving Analysers

Thí nghiệm nén cố kết: Khái niệm, tiêu chuẩn, quy trình thực hiệnConcrete Hammer Proceq DIGI-SCHMIDT 2

Triaxial Compression Test facility                                                    Proceq Concrete Hammer

Proceq Ultrasonic Flaw Detector 100                            MÁY SIÊU ÂM BÊ TÔNG Proceq

Proceq Ultrasonic Flaw Detector NDT                          Proceq Concrete Ultrasonic Scanner

US Radar 250 SERIES Ground Penetrating Radar | Canadian ...Humboldt 4-Channel Digital Data Logger, 120/220V 50/60Hz

USRADAR GPR                                                                                      Humboldt Data Logger

Thiết bị siêu âm khuyết tật đường hàn EPOCH 650 – VISCO NDT                    Expert Thermal Imagers | Fluke TIX1000 Thermal Imager | Fluke ...

Olympus Metal Flaw Ultrasonic NDT                                 Fluke TIX1000 Thermal Imager

Mild Steel 20 Ton Computerized Universal Testing Machine, Rs ...                          MALA CX12 Concrete Scanner

20 tons Computerized Universal Testing Machine                 MALA CX12 Concrete Scanner

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